What is Girls & Gunsmoke?

Three Girls. Two Men. One Plan.

The floating ashes caught in the wind and sifted into the air high above them as the three girls stared at the ruins of their wagon train. Everybody, everything, was ruined. Dead. Majesty’s eyes filled with rage, Dusty’s with sorrow, and Faith’s with tears.

“They will pay,” Majesty swore softly. “Oh, will they pay.”

When the girls’ three families join a wagon train headed west, the promised hardships are merely things of the future. Until–their beloved wagon train is massacred only a few short weeks into their trip, leaving only five survivors. This adventure follows the three surviving girls, Dusty Phoenix, Faith DiFore and Majesty Mason, and two of their elder brothers, on a quest leaving Dusty and Faith desperately trying to hold vengeance-bound Majesty back. With God’s gentle hand of protection, can the three girls learn the freedom forgiveness brings, or will Majesty’s thirst for revenge drag them all to the bottom of a cliff?


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