Well, I’m a little blonde five-foot-two, seventeen year old, homeschooled girl with a passion for history, music and horses.  I live on a small ranch in Texas and I work part-time for a local horse-trainer. I’m a senior in highschool, so I still find myself juggling my schoolwork around a very busy schedule.

As if I have more time to fill, I also am a professional musician–I play old Western and Cowboy music, contemporary Western, Western Swing, and Gospel music. I even do a little yodeling. There, I admitted it. 🙂

By now you must have realized that I fondly refer to Girls & Gunsmoke as “G&G”. With that said, I like to think that between these three girls, my personality is completely covered. I love–and struggle–with each individual characteristic that I have given these girls. Through the grace of God and His loving hand, every day is a journey when it comes to persevering through Him.  

G&G is the story of three determined girls armed with nothing but their grit, fiery perseverance, a few colt revolvers and the watchful eye of God, who set out on a journey to catch the outlaws responsible for the deaths of their families. Along the way they learn mercy, find unlikely accomplices and are dosed with their fair share of trouble before they finally find the outlaws. Though the decision to forgive is hard, God’s hand of justice reigns in the end.

In the sub-tab below this one, there is a more complete biography of myself, written by others and complied by my mom.


Look out for book # 2!

Thank you, all of you, for your encouragement and support!
Happy Trails,